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Some of you may be surprised to see Skin Therapy and skincare products offered by Whole Body Wellness. I’ve rarely worn make-up. It just never seemed interesting to me. I don’t know why. I wasn’t interested in skin care products most of my young adult life either. But in the early 9o’s after I moved out West, I began to see changes in my skin due to our dryness and altitude. I also went through hormonal changes during my first pregnancy that I could see were hard on my skin even though by then I had already decided to focus more on eating organic foods.

Still I ignored the signs until I happened to get a gift certificate for a facial. I went and enjoyed it and I let the esthetician talk me into trying some of the organic-sourced products she carried. The improvement in my skin over the next couple of months was so dramatic that I decided it was more important for me to spend money on skin care products occasionally rather than always buying the newest running shoes.

I still don’t wear make up (well hardly ever), but I have continued taking care of my skin believing it to be just as important and completely connected to everything that lies under the skin which I take care of through good nutrition.

So the reason that I am offering skin focused services and products is that taking care of my skin is a daily part of how I stay healthy and i want to share is I want with you.


We were recently introduced to Hylunia and while below we intend to let Hylunia introduce Hylunia to you, we want to share what we like about this product line. It is an organically-sourced product line that is free of parabens, sulfates, toxins, phosphates and gluten. It is also NOT tested on animals. It is also affordably priced. Not to read “cheap”. It’s just a price point/ounce that is much better than most similar products. The value of Hylunia is also seen in the amount of “work” that is does for skin. A concept that is known as a measure of it’s “actvity”. A small amount of any of its products go a very long way.

We also like that it is a product based on the traditional health practices known as Ayurveda. Ayurvedic traditions focus on balancing numerous functions in the body. Chief among them is inflammation.

Inflammation is a natural and important part of our bodies response to injury or infection. However, if inflammation is around all of the time, it is harmful. Many of the health issues we face as we age can be traced back to inflammation as either a root cause or at least as a major contributor.

Hylunia also regulates itself. Unfortunately, most commonly available skin care products use ingredients that contribute to inflammation, and there is no Federal oversight for ingredients that go into personal care products.

Hylunia’s Core Values:

  • Prevention of toxic, inflammatory, potentially carcinogenic ingredients and endocrine disruptors in Hylunia skin care products
  • Effectiveness of Hylunia products and protocols
  • Spread good karma – the ensure long-term safety of our customers
  • Truth and honesty based on science
  • Balanced, sensible, realistic and simple approach to skin care
  • Fight human trafficking, slavery, and child labor and to support Fair trade
  • Give customers the right to the freedom of choice
  • Science-based holistic innovation


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