About Us

About Us

Whole Body Wellness is located in the middle of Santa Fe, making it only a short drive away. We offer top-quality sports and medical massage. We also offer in-house acupuncture and chiropractic therapy.

Whole Body Wellness is a privately-owned practice specializing in sports/medical massage and other manual therapy treatments. While Swedish or relaxation massage has its place, our offerings are outcome- and goal-driven. Our team of licensed massage therapists are trained to provide customized treatments for each individual. You will receive the highest level of care and treatment for your health and wellness concerns.

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Our Whole Body Wellness Approach

We’re honored to be part of our clients’ health and wellness teams—and we take this trust and responsibility seriously. We’ve recently added expert practitioners including state-licensed Doctors of Oriental Medicine (DOMs, or acupuncturists), chiropractors (DCs), as well as the highly trained medical and sports massage therapists (LMTs) that our practice was founded upon. We also continually work to expand coverage of our services under various health insurance plans, as well as auto and personal injury cases, toward reducing financial costs to our clients and patients. We seek to work closely with you and your Primary Care Provider (PCP) to provide highly effective adjunct rehab, and acute or chronic pain therapies that are non- to minimally-invasive and pharmaceutical-free.

While our practitioners draw upon a variety of holistic health modalities, we are all focused on using science and evidence-based protocols that are both safe and reproducible in their results. We believe in an approach that makes you, our client, central to your own health care decisions and successful treatment. Toward this end, we will work with you and your PCP in developing rehab/health restoration strategies that are safe, effective, and understandable to you.

How Can Blending Our Modalities Help Achieve Your Health Goals?

Many clients tell us they attempt to avoid pharmaceutical and surgical interventions related to their health concerns and challenges. While we know Western medicine offers remarkable treatments for many diseases and injuries, and we frequently refer clients to physicians and other health care professionals, we also understand the reticence these clients have toward invasive procedures and drug therapies. This is the reason we’ve teamed together to offer medical and sports massage, acupuncture, and chiropractic, individually and together.

By example, combining massage with chiropractic often allows for easier spinal and joint adjustments, as attached muscles are deeply relaxed by massage. The adjustments that follow also often last longer, as relaxation of taut or hypertonic musculature stops pulling ribs, discs, etc. out of alignment. Similarly, relaxation of the neck muscles often diminishes or temporarily ends headache pain, such as those accompanying migraines. Incorporating acupuncture or other aspects of Traditional Chinese Medicine can help reduce the inflammation that underlies chronic headache pain, as well as uncover and treat the systemic aspects of it. In this manner we address both the symptoms and underlying causes of your pain and discomfort.

We welcome your questions and inquiries concerning our offerings, and how they can be tailored to achieve your health objectives. We’ll gladly discuss the benefits of blended approaches to your health issues, toward the end of creating and maintaining your own whole body wellness.

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